A downloadable game for Windows

A fight to the death between the first two beings in a universe.

There are five combat rounds alltogether. Gameplay time for a first-timer might be somewhere between 5-15 minutes. Have fun!

Created for Ludum Dare 47 Compo

LD Compo rules


Note: If you're here to rate my game for Ludum Dare 47, please download the file 'another.zip'. Otherwise you might fancy the more polished and improved version in the 'another_post_compo_version.zip' file. Thank you .)


another.zip 28 MB
another_post_compo_version.zip 32 MB


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A very interesting entry, it felt like a really elaborate boss battle, but I wish you used the same premise of a 3x3 level in more than this one way. At the beginning I didn’t understand that you can actually hit the boss more than once because it felt like a turn based thing, once it clicked it was a nice challenge to try and nail it as many times a s possible. Congratulations on making it solo in just two days, it is very polished!


Thank you for your feedback. I'm going to expand on this game so there'll be a few more mechanics, and hopefully the gameplay will be much clearer from the get-go.