this screenshot pretty much describes how to play the game:

  •  WASD to select the direction to jump to next - ideally select the spawned platform
  •  hover with your mouse over the vegetable that's displayed at the bottom of the screen
  •  fail one or the other and you loose a carrot (it is used to create a new platform)
  •  fail when out of carrots, and you return to where you started
  •  succeed enough times (counter at the bottom right of the screen), and you go places

the embeded version as well as all but the "right after compo - no fixes" version were made post-compo and have a few fixes:

  • fixed two typos and a few text hiccups
  • changed one gameobject sprite sorting layer 
  • game doesn't reset after the ending anymore, since it would bug out
  • fixed the bugged bird positioning
  • + added a "story mode" - this is a LD thing - in case you want to review the game quickly, this is an easy mode to see the whole story. it's the same game, it just starts with three variables set differently.
  • made it so the bass layer plays on all locations, not just the title screen

have fun please


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The music is really great!