This is a story of two men with dreams. Karl, a financial advisor, and Timmy, a would be gangster.

Left click to advance dialogue, right click to skip it alltogether.

Aim with your mouse, left click to shoot, right click to duck/cover. You don't receive any ranged damage when covering, but your aim is off. You still receive full melee damage. Shooting in the direction of a ranged enemy stresses them out - look for blue dots above their head. If enemy has more than one above it's head, he takes cover, and can not be hit, but doesn't attack you.

I didn't focus on gameplay too much this time. I really wanted to do something more with visuals, story, and sound. Wasted a lot of time on game mechanics anyway, since I didn't realize I could have prepared the code ahead of time. Next time...

I barely managed to link Narrot's generated voice files to his texts in time (finished three minutes before deadline). I will make a post-LD version with all characters having voice files, but that'll be pretty much it. I don't really know what to do with this further.

All forms of criticism, however harsh, if fair, are welcome. Also I'd really welcome any improvement suggestions. If you have any ideas and methods of improvement, please, leave them in the comments.

I hope you enjoy, and thank you for playing.


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